Here, the step by step methods in preparing Kachori is given. You can make nourishing Kachori at home by your own hand following these simple steps.


Ingredients Required:

1)       Refined Flour                                : 1 cup

2)       Refined Oil                                    : 2 cups ( 1cup for mixing and 1 cup for frying)

3)       Vegetable Hydrogenated Fat    : 1 tbspGujarati-Kachori

4)       Split Green Grams                       : 2 tbsp

5)       Cashew nuts                                 : 2-3 no’s

6)       Fennel Seeds                                : 1 tsp

7)       Green Chilli                                   : 1 no

8)       Red Chilli Powder                        : 1tbsp

9)       Salt                                                  : as required

10)   Dry Mango Powder                     : 1 tbsp

11)   Sugar                                              : 1 tsp

12)   Poppy Seeds                                 : 1 tsp

13)   Sesame Seeds                               : 1 tbsp

14)   Garam Masala                              : 1 tsp

15)   Turmeric Powder                         : ¼ tsp


Preparation Method

Step 1: Mix the flour, oil and vegetable fat in a bowl. Add sufficient water and salt and knead it well.

Step 2: Roast the poppy seeds, sesame seeds, fennel seeds, split green grams and cashew nuts till nice smell comes.

Step 3: Crush these and put into a bowl.

Step 4: Add rest of the ingredients to it and add some oil. Also cut the green chilli and add to the mixture. Mix all together. Drop oil little by little if required in order to bind it together. Keep it aside.

Step 5: Take a lemon-sized dough in your hands and press it gently to fill the stuffing.

Step 6: Take the same-size of stuffing and keep it on the dough in your hand. Close the dough to make a ball. Press slightly.  Keep it on a plate taken.

Step 7: Repeat the same step (Step 6) to make all balls.

Step 8: Heat some oil in a frying pan.

Step 9: When the oil boils, add the Kachori balls to it.

Step 10: Fry till goden brown.

Step 11: Take Kachori out from the oil and keep on good quality tissues or on a clean white cotton cloth to remove the grease.

Very Yummy and spicy Kachoris are ready to be served. You can keep the Kachoris fresh by tighltly packing it.


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