These round citrus fruit orange offers numerous health benefits. Some of them are listed below.

1)      Fights Cancer

Oranges contain photochemicals that help you fight against skin cancer, breast cancer, lung and colon cancer.

2)      Fights liver cancer

Regular orange consumption reduces the risk of liver cancer since it contains caretenoids.

3)      Prevent kidney diseases

Studies show that oranges can reduce the risk of kidney stones and keep kidneys healthy.

4)      Increase heart health

The potassium contained in oranges help in reducing chances of heart diseases. You need to maintain potassium in an adequate level always.

5)      Boost metabolismorange

Oranges help in increasing metabolism rate and oxidising the toxics entered into your body. Thus keep you fit and make you live longer.

6)      Lowers cholesterol

The soluble dietary fibre in oranges reduces cholesterol and helps you maintain a healthy body.

7)      Fights against viral diseases

The polyphenols contained in oranges helps in fighting against viral diseases.

8)      Increase Immunity

The abundant vitamin C helps in neutralizing free radicals and thereby increases immunity towards diseases.

9)      Regulates blood pressure

Oranges contain the flavonoid hesperidin found which help in regulating high blood pressure. It is also rich in magnesium that maintains good blood pressure level.

10)   Good for eye

The age related macular degeneration can be avoided by the regular consumption of oranges since it contains caretenoids.

11)   Regulates diabetes

Oranges contain natural sugars in them but do not add to the blood sugar level until and unless you consume a large number at a time. Whatever you intake, it should be in moderate levels.

Considering all these benefits, we need to eat oranges regularly. Although baby oranges are available throughout the year, we can dry them once they are abundantly available and use later. All the essential nutrients remain as such even though it is dried. The dry baby oranges are now available in plenty everywhere.

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