Khopra Pak is an amazing Gujrati sweet available at the MM Mithaiwala Sweet shop. The premium range of Mithai is made from finest quality ingredients. This fabulous sweet is also known as Coconut barfi. Mithaiwala uses only natural ingredients in their products.

The magnificent taste of Khopra Pak makes it one of a kind. With the richness of coconut and mawa, it is an extra ordinary dish. Khopra Pak preparation neither need a lot of time nor need too many ingredients.

Chefs at MM Mithaiwala use grated coconut as the base ingredient, saffron as the flavouring and colouring agent and mawa as the binding agent. The abundant fatty acids present in coconut provide numerous health benefits. It enhances the brain function and aids in fat loss. The other ingredient mawa, as you know is a 100% bi-product obtained from fresh cow’s milk. Mawa is grated and added to the dish to bind the coconut together. Dairy products are always good for bones, teeth and skin. It is a complete food.

Saffron is used to give colour as well as fabulous flavour to the Khopra Pak. Saffron is soaked in lukewarm milk and then added to the Khopra Pak mixture. We use the refined sugar and pure ghee to make it healthier. Finest quality cardamom powder adds more flavour to the Khopra Pak. You can trust and eat from our shop blissfully.

Khopra Pak is delicately flavoured sweet which melts in your mouth and also you get some coconut to chew. When you have a bite from Khopra Pak, you need to slowly chew it enjoying both its texture and the classy taste.

MM Mithaiwala makes the Mithai in a very traditional way so that you can enjoy the exotic taste of delightful Khopra Pak. Try visiting our physical shop in Mumbai or place orders online at MM Mithaiwala Online store to get it delivered at your doorstep. We deliver without any delay. Hurry and place orders...