Our kitchen is centrally located and operates under very exacting hygiene standards. Our production area spans over 12,000 square feet with a large walk-in space, industrial quality cold storage that ensures just the right temperature to store our ingredients and finished offerings

We keep up with the latest technological innovations. Our milk boilers, mawa-making machines, deep fryers, ovens, oil extractors, potato peelers, deep freezers, chilling units, grinders, boilers, cookers, and dough makers are the best in the country

We also have modern terminals and communication equipment with 12 telephonic connections that ensure that customers enjoy a smooth ordering experience. Our delivery personnel are equipped with walkie-talkies for ease of communication and timely deliveries

Our interiors are aesthetically designed and well-planned to support hygiene and safety conditions and effective service to the hundreds of customers we are happy to serve every day


We rigorously adhere to best practices when it comes to production, storage and distribution

We source our materials from the best suppliers across the country. We have modern store rooms and refrigerators to store raw material. We use traditional preparation methods aided with the latest technology

Production Capacity

Keeping in line with the infrastructure our production capacity is massive which helps us to serve thousands of customers daily. The numbers keep increasing as consumers keep visiting our various outlets. We also do outdoor catering events, marriages and other social events that serve a large numbers of people

Distribution & Packaging


We have a large clientele base spread over a large geographical area. Our team makes efforts to create special menu for clients who ask for something different. To such clients, we offer all services from concept to delivery within the parameters of quality, price, packaging and hygiene standards required by our clients

Our skilled and professional staff is trained to execute all processes from ordering to making timely deliveries

We always ensure low inventory of our products in order to reduce wastage and maintain our high quality standards for freshness and taste. This indeed is the foundation on which we have built our reputation


Our products are delivered fresh and packaged in food-grade materials. We custom-design packaging for our sweets as required of our customers

We ensure that our packaging and product design is sensitive to the concept, theme and design of the event for which they are being ordered

We conduct free classes for local housewives and ladies to promote traditional Indian sweets and snacks. We strongly believe in keeping the Indian culinary traditions alive in an increasingly globalized world

We take great pride in our reputation for ‘Fresh & Traditional’ quality products by ensuring that our production, pricing, delivery and packaging are unparalleled.

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