The tiny balls called boondis are made by frying chickpea flour and dipping them in sugar syrup. The nutritional value of this dish is also high since chick pea is rich in dietary fibre, protein and zero in cholesterol.

Sweet Boondi preparation

Boondi Balls

Boondi preparation needs only 6 ingredients, which are always available at your home. First of all, you need a perforated plate or spoon to drop the boondi batter into oil. Get one and keep aside. Get a deep fry pan and one sauce pan. Gather the below given ingredients in exact amount as shown;

  • Chickpea flour/ Gram flour/ Besan= 200grams
  • Refined Sugar=500grams
  • Oil/Ghee= 2-3 cups
  • Water as required
  • Cardamom to flavour= 6 no’s
  • Crushed cashew nuts to garnish= 8

Sieve and put the chick pea flour in a vessel. Add water to make a smooth-lump free batter. Whisk altogether for 5 minutes and keep it aside for almost 15 minutes. The batter must be thin and sticky.

Prepare sugar syrup by adding half the quantity of sugar into the sauce pan. Bring the water to boil and add sugar and crushed cardamoms. Stir the mixture until the syrup becomes a little sticky. Take it in between your fingers and check whether it forms an unbreakable string.

Fry the mix in the oil taken. Pour batter using the perforated spoon or plate you have taken. Fry till golden brown. Take out the boondis and add to sugar syrup. Keep it immersed for some time in order to the sugar syrup to get blended with boondis.

You can now place the boondis in an elegant plate and garnish it with crushed cashew nuts (or pistachios). The boondis can be kept safe for a maximum of two weeks by tightly packing.

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